How To Fix Minor Water Stains On Drywall

If you have a leak or your basement floods, chances are that most of the drywall that gets wet will need to be replaced as part of your water damage restoration efforts. But there may be a few pieces that do not swell and are only left with minor water spots and stains. Camouflaging these stains, rather than replacing the entire piece of drywall, will save you some cash on the cleanup efforts. Read More 

Did You Find Water In Your Basement? Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Restoration Company

If you have found water in your basement and you don't know how long the water has been there, you want to call a water mitigation and disaster cleanup company to start working on the problem right away. Mold can start to form in your home just 24 hours after the water has been present, and you don't want to end up with a severe mold problem in your house. Here are a some of the things you want to ask when you call around to get a company to come to your home. Read More 

Trying To Find The Source Of A Basement Water Leak Before You Waterproof? Check The Chimney

A leaking basement is certainly no fun, but finding the source of the leak can be harder than actually fixing it. If your basement is leaking but you don't see an obvious source of the problem you may be overlooking a common source of basement leaks: your chimney and fireplace. This is what you should know.    Water can find its way from the ash pit into the basement. Underneath your fireplace is a space called the ash dump, which leads to a metal sheath that's known as the ash pit. Read More 

Signs You Need Mould Removal

Mould is a common enemy in every household. When the weather is rainy, or when you live in a moist climate, mould can be an especially tricky enemy. Even in dry climates, water and moisture within the home can create bad scenarios in which mould grows and spreads. In addition to looking bad, mould can smell and make you and your family ill. It can also be a sign of water damage that destroys your home. Read More